Monster Trucks to do battle at the new Randolph County Raceway!

| April 1, 2013


APRIL 1, 2013 — On Friday and Saturday May 3rd &4th @7:30 each night the ground will shake as 6 of the nation’s best Monster Trucks will do battle at the new Randolph County Raceway in the Moberly Missouri.

One of these six wild and crazy monster trucks will be the world famous Big Foot out of St. Louis MO, others include Ghost Ryder, Heart Breaker, Tail Gator, Big Dawg and El Loco Chica.

These 10,000 pound trucks will be racing over cars, flying through the air off jumps made of vans, wheelies contest and much much more. Also RCR will have a local amateur tuff truck competition where locals bring their street vehicle or old demo derby cars out to run an obstacle course set up for a wild ride!

Click here for Advance Tickets on sale now!   Or Tickets will also be on sale at the Race Track until late at the gate.

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